Ideas for Unique Family Photos

Fun and Unique Photos

How to take fun and unique photos with your kids

Ever want to take fun photos that your friends and family will marvel over when they come to visit? Well your help is here! This list will have suggestions of great places for backdrops to your photos, along with other helpful tips.  You don’t need to be a professional photographer with all the right tools to capture great photos. In fact, you can use your phone camera to take some pretty remarkable shots.  Most photos can be taken in just regular point and shoot mode, but there are some settings on your phones that can help make a good shot great.  I also encourage you to install a great photo editing app on your phone if this is your chosen mode of shooting.  Not everybody has time for Photoshop, and the developers out there realize that and have come up with some fabulous programs, making it easy for the layman to have fun with photography.  These ideas for unique family photos are a great tool to help you get started, so have fun, get out there and take lots of pictures!


Find Unique and Interesting Sites

The photo above is a perfect example of a type of location that is different and out of the ordinary.  Notice the graffiti in the background that makes it an unnatural setting for a child.  I really like the contrast in opposites, meaning that I find especially intriguing things found together that do not normally go together.  When you put two contrasts side by side, they make the extremes stand out more, the way black will look more deep when contrasted by white, or vice versa.  In contrasting photography with children, the innocence of the child is brought out more when set against a non innocent background, in this case being the urban decayed cage.  To give the shot even more depth, you can add “props” that would further tell the story.  Here, her dirty face and body give the image a grittier feel, and was a prop that came along with the location.  Photo was taken at the old LA zoo in Griffith Park.  This is an excellent place for photo shoots,  and has been the filming location for movies, such as Anchorman.

Capturing Photos from Behind Emphasize Thought and Imagination

Emphasizing a child's imagination

Capturing from behind emphasizes imagination

Photos taken from behind can emphasize thought and imagination, because we can see the very same thing that the subject is seeing.  In this photo, the backdrop taken at The Huntington Library is obviously very elegant and beautiful.   The child’s dress would be one that would match the surroundings.  The window panes define that there is a window there, so that the subject is inside rather than outside.  With the beautiful setting outside, and the child inside, what do you think the child may be thinking as she stands there looking out the window?  Does the child want to go out and play?  Does she want to see what is on the other side of the railing?  Does she want to escape this inside, or does she want to stay safe inside?  This could also work really well with winter scenes.  Pictures don’t always have to be captured from the front.  Be creative with the angles and where you take it, so long as you can still see what the subject is looking at.  Perhaps you can stand behind, but at a slight angle as to catch a glimpse of a profile, as shown in the second photo taken at Manhattan Beach.  You can still see that the subject is looking off into the distance, thinking, dreaming, or imagining. Look for opportunities with backdrops that are beautiful and inspiring that naturally cause a person to want to look at it.

Ideas for Unique Family Photos

Taking pictures from behind or slightly to the side can show thought.

This is a great pose if your child is being stubborn and doesn’t want to smile or cooperate to give you the right facial expression.  I have literally had to beg my daughter to smile sometimes, then eventually gives way to a painful half asked smile.  I’ve caught some great shots during her moody times using this method.






*Check back often for more tips and tricks added to this list!

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