Murphy’s Ranch – Abandoned Nazi Compound in Los Angeles

Murphy's ranch

Murphy’s Ranch is a place that has the lure of mystery and intrigue, with its crazy history of being a Nazi compound right here in Los Angeles.  It sounds ridiculous to think that there once possibly was a haven set up here for the Third Reich, but that is the…

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The Hollywood Perception vs. Reality

Universal Studios

Through the years, I have encountered many tourists who have a different type of perception of Hollywood vs. the reality of what it is really like.  While yes, Hollywood is the entertainment capitol of the world, the idea of being able to see movie stars by just being in Hollywood…

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A Visitor’s Guide to Border Field State Park


In the very southwestern corner of California is a state park that is unique just for its geographical location.  Border Field State Park is a park named for that location, as it connects to the border of the United States and Mexico where the Pacific Ocean meets our lands. A…

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Wayfarers Chapel-The Glass Church Among the Trees

Wayfarers Chapel

The Wayfarers Chapel is an architectural masterpiece that was carefully designed to be a sanctuary of worship like no other.  It has the beauty of a design masterpiece, creating an environment primed for worshipping a Creator, by being embraced by the creation itself. An Architectural Legacy is in the Genes Wayfarers Chapel is the design…

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Korean Bell of Friendship

Sitting atop an overlook surrounded by views of the Pacific ocean is the Korean Bell of Friendship.  It has a beautiful architectural theme that reflects the culture that it symbolizes.  The distinct triangular shaped roof is visible from afar, making it easy to find your way to it once you enter the area. A…

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8 Hollywood Destinations in Under 8 Hours


It is no mystery that Los Angeles is a town of many sights and destinations.  Whenever people travel to the city of Angels, the one place that so many want to see is Hollywood.  While there is so much to do, most of the sights in Hollywood do not require…

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Love Abundant at Salvation Mountain

The brightly painted Salvation Mountain

Amidst the bleak desert, Salvation is to be found Imagine a road running through the desert, surrounded by parched dusty lands with barely a tree to be found. You’re driving along when suddenly, on a distant hill, the richly colored mountain stands out like an oasis, quenching the thirst for color in the desert.…

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The Enigma of The Salton Sea

Sign at Salton Sea Beach Marina

The Enigma of The Salton Sea The Salton Sea is a haunting place that is filled with the ghosts of its glory days that have tragically been lost.  What started out as a man made accident over a century ago,  quickly became the hope of an oasis in the desert. …

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Riding the Red Line

Red Line to Hollywood

Los Angeles has a Fast Growing Public Transit System When the movie Speed was released in the 90’s, featuring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, one of the jokes of the time was that Los Angeles residents learned that Los Angeles actually had a subway.   It seemed that it was made merely for…

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