General Patton Memorial Museum

General Patton Museum

In the vast desert between Palm Desert and the California/Arizona border is a little nugget of U.S. History.  The General Patton Memorial Museum is conveniently located at a routine pit stop along Interstate 10 freeway, making it an easy quick visit for your adventures on the way out of California, or if…

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Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch Like a Forest of Tranquility

Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch

  Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch I am a complete sucker for art installations, but not necessarily the type that you would find at a museum, but rather the kind that sits along the road, outside, enduring the elements of nature day after day.    Perhaps it is because they oftentimes are as…

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Elvis and his Palm Springs Honeymoon Hideaway


Tucked away in a tiny cul-de-sac in an upscale postmodern neighborhood in Palm Springs, sits a house that is made famous by one person- Elvis.  As if the home didn’t have enough bragging rights already from its history, design, and previous owners, the most lasting and powerful connection came as the Midas…

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Love Abundant at Salvation Mountain

The brightly painted Salvation Mountain

Amidst the bleak desert, Salvation is to be found Imagine a road running through the desert, surrounded by parched dusty lands with barely a tree to be found. You’re driving along when suddenly, on a distant hill, the richly colored mountain stands out like an oasis, quenching the thirst for color in the desert.…

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The Enigma of The Salton Sea

Sign at Salton Sea Beach Marina

The Enigma of The Salton Sea The Salton Sea is a haunting place that is filled with the ghosts of its glory days that have tragically been lost.  What started out as a man made accident over a century ago,  quickly became the hope of an oasis in the desert. …

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