Celebrate Chinese New Year in Beauty and Authenticity at Hsi Lai Temple

Chinese New Year Hsi Lai

Happy Year of the Monkey!! I absolutely LOVE Chinese New Year!  There is something so festive about it, something that really resonates with me and my love of fresh starts and new beginnings.  Based in a culture where good fortune is always the coveted prize, rituals and traditions of this…

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Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch Like a Forest of Tranquility

Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch

  Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch I am a complete sucker for art installations, but not necessarily the type that you would find at a museum, but rather the kind that sits along the road, outside, enduring the elements of nature day after day.    Perhaps it is because they oftentimes are as…

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Watts Towers and Their Rising of Purpose

When a vision is born, sometimes the human spirit will stop at nothing to achieve the fulfillment of their goals.   So is the story of Simon Rodia, an immigrant born in Ribottoli, Italy in 1879 that immigrated to the United States when he was barely just 14.  He came to America…

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Murphy’s Ranch – Abandoned Nazi Compound in Los Angeles

Murphy's ranch

Murphy’s Ranch is a place that has the lure of mystery and intrigue, with its crazy history of being a Nazi compound right here in Los Angeles.  It sounds ridiculous to think that there once possibly was a haven set up here for the Third Reich, but that is the…

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Wayfarers Chapel-The Glass Church Among the Trees

Wayfarers Chapel

The Wayfarers Chapel is an architectural masterpiece that was carefully designed to be a sanctuary of worship like no other.  It has the beauty of a design masterpiece, creating an environment primed for worshipping a Creator, by being embraced by the creation itself. An Architectural Legacy is in the Genes Wayfarers Chapel is the design…

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Love Abundant at Salvation Mountain

The brightly painted Salvation Mountain

Amidst the bleak desert, Salvation is to be found Imagine a road running through the desert, surrounded by parched dusty lands with barely a tree to be found. You’re driving along when suddenly, on a distant hill, the richly colored mountain stands out like an oasis, quenching the thirst for color in the desert.…

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