Adventures Await in California

Former sign at Disney's California Adventure park

Former sign at Disney’s California Adventure, before the renovation in 2012

“Greetings from California!”  How many postcards have you seen in your lifetime that display the famous phrase, accompanied by sunshine, sandy beaches, palm trees, citrus fruit, and our wonderful state flower, the golden poppy.  Too many to count, right?  There’s no denying it, California has a plethora of assets that make it one of the most desirable places to live and/or play.  Being the third largest state in the United States, it has a varied geography that spans through multiple types of types of terrains.  From the mild hilly climate of San Diego, through the deserts and farmlands, to the great redwoods in the north, there is so much beauty to behold in just the land alone.  Even the cities are goldmines of entertainment and beauty, and are as varied as the geography.  Angelinos from the south in Los Angeles are a different breed than their counterparts to the north in San Francisco.  Even people who call San Diego their home greatly differ from their fellow city in the south, Los Angeles, only a mere hundred miles away.  California truly has it all. And I don’t just say that because I am a proud native, but because there is no where else in this great country that has so much to offer for any type of enthusiast. There are many things to, whether you are the hard core adventurist to the family looking for educational activities and entertainment.  This blog is a tribute to all things California, an almanac of travel and adventure for the person planning a vacation, or to the resident in need of some fresh ideas for a weekend getaway.  It is a celebration of the life in this great state.  There is adventure to be had in California, so come on out and enjoy the beaches, the land, the cities, and of course, our beloved sun.   So now, without much further ado, let the adventures begin!


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